Wednesday, August 19, 2015


There was this white, red-state Christian going down from Oklahoma City to Dallas.  And he was pulled over by robbers who beat him up, stole his car and left him half dead along the side of the freeway.

Now along came a presidential candidate, who when he saw him, stopped his car, got out, made a speech about the need for stronger penalties for criminals, then got back in his car and went on down the freeway.

Then along came a televangelist who saw him, stopped his car, got out preached a sermon on the need for seed faith to be healed, then got back in his car and went on down the freeway.

But then a gay, black, Muslim, undocumented alien came up to him, stopped, felt compassion, got out of his pickup, gave him first aid, put him in his pickup and took him to the ER where he forked over 2 days' wages to get him taken care of, promising to settle in full when he returned.

Which of these three, do you think, was a neighbor to the guy who got mugged?  Luke 10:30-36 (Bill's Loose Paraphrase).


Godless Cranium said...

The last person was the neighbor and he shows the power of doing.

Bill Ball said...

And Jesus said, "You go and do likewise!"