Friday, April 18, 2014


We received the following e-mail from Chris Basford in response to my post:  THE ELECTRONIC WORD.

Hi Bill & Uni,

Thought you might enjoy these photos.  This Bible was given to George Basford by his Sunday school class.  It passed to his son Joseph, to his son Carroll, to his son Robert (my father).  It will next pass to David (my brother) and then to one of David's children.  Imagine someone saying, I have my great-great-great grandfather’s E book.  On the other hand he will probably choose to carry his iPad on the airplane!        

We were both impressed so we asked for permission to post it along with a little more of the story.  We received the following reply.

Yes, feel free to post this.  

As far as more of the story, the story may actually be in the lack of a story.  My father didn’t know it existed until cleaning out the house after my grandfathers death.  I remember him saying he wondered how it came to be in his father's possession.  Growing up, my sister and I sometimes stayed with my grandparents during the summer.  I remember my grandmother reading to us from the Bible, but not from this Bible.  It was a paperback as I recall.  One interesting tidbit, is the Family Temperance Pledge.   The only person signing it was my grandfathers brother Emory.  He was an English teacher in a private New England school.  One of his notable students was George H. W. Bush.  I guess it seems that these Bibles were really meant to be sort of a focal point for the family and less a book  to be read and studied.

Best wishes to both of you, Chris Basford  

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