Wednesday, September 18, 2013


When Uni and I lived in Texas, we used to occasionally go out Country and Western dancing (or Kicker Dancin', as it is sometimes known).  We'd put on our boots and jeans and head out to some well-known (or not so well-known) night spot.  We'd do two-steps, waltzes, swing and even an occasional polka.  We were not very good at it but had a lot of fun.  We worked pretty well as a team, but there was one occasional area of conflict.

Uni:  "WHAT are you doing??"

Me:  "I'm LEADING!"

Now a crowded Texas dance floor can be a pretty "dangerous" place.  People often kick up their heels without concern as to who around them they may be kicking, and many of them have had a bit too much to drink.  Navigating a pathway through this mass requires a certain bit of skill, and that task appears to be the responsibility of the male dance partner - in this case, me.

But the female partner -- Uni -- is often at a loss as to what is going on; she has to move backwards blindly through this danger zone.  She has to trust her partner!

A common metaphor used in the New Testament is the church -- believers -- as the bride of Christ.  To extend the analogy, we take the female role with Christ as our Bridegroom.  Many have also compared the Christian life to a dance.  If I may combine the two analogies, then I as a believer take the female role with Jesus as my male dance partner, and He is the one who leads, through His Word and His Spirit.

And life is like that crowded Texas dance floor.  It can be at times difficult to navigate.  We move through as smoothly as we can, following the music, led by our Bridegroom who can see what we can't.  Sometimes we're forced to make quick turns or even change direction.  Sometimes we have to stop and simply dance in place.  We have to trust His lead.

And we too, often question His leading.  We often ask Him what on earth He's doing.  But hopefully we're learning that He knows where He's leading us.

As I said, we're not very good at it, and I have sometimes led Uni in the wrong direction; sometimes we get out of step with each other.  There've been bumps, stumbles and even the occasional fall.

But we can trust Jesus; He never fails to lead us in the right direction.  All we have to do is follow!


Bob McCollum said...

Hi Bill,

Interesting post--with one reservation. I'm hoping Judy doesn't read it because I've told her no man really likes to dance. We all put it on the same level as getting hit over the head with a ball-peen hammer. If she sees your blog she might think I've been looking for an excuse to avoid taking her dancing.


Judy McCollum said...

Not worried a bit. In my next life, I'll be dancing with the stars!

Cindy said...

I love the analogy of Jesus leading his bride in the dance of life! I love to dance and I love Jesus . . . guess that's why your illustration is so appealing to me. Loved seeing you and Uni out of the dance floor . Maybe, one day, I can get Boyd out there again! Love you two!