Monday, July 19, 2010


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I want to thank my daughter Sherry for my blog’s new look.  When I complained about not being able to read the light letters on the black background, Sherry first informed me it was'nt black but dark blue and then installed the new template. I love all the books.  She also put on the new index of topics as well as all the pictures and she made me add the tabs “About Me” and “Books”.

Also, I want to thank Uni’s youngest sister Hope for making the new logo out of a photo of my Greek New Testament and all the other help she's given along the way.

And, of course, I want to acknowledge Uni (my Suitable Helper). She types and posts everything. (I’m a dinosaur and still write out all my thoughts in pencil on a yellow pad.) She also edits, corrects and comments. Many of the thoughts posted are the products of our discussions.

I am, however, the one who does the reading, studying, research and Bible translation. And I will claim responsibility (blame or credit) for everything that is finally published.

Bill Ball


Mike said...

Love the new look!

Karen said...

I love the new "lighter" look too! AND, the books are PERFECT!!