Monday, January 26, 2009


Nearly three years ago, not long after I began blogging, I published a post entitled WHY I BLOG, in which I attempted to give some of my reasons for blogging. After re-reading it, I figured it was time to go over and clarify these thoughts (even though I still agree with them) as well as to add a few more reasons.

As far as what I said about offending people, I have come to realize that this is unavoidable, though I still must say, it has never been my intention to offend. Many of us hold very tightly to our opinions and it seems we take any disagreement personally.

I feel I can honestly say that I rather appreciate it when someone questions or disagrees with what I have to say. I have attempted to keep my opinions in line with a biblical worldview, as I understand it. If I am wrong in my assertions, I can always use correction and if I am correct and can probably always be clearer.

I personally don’t like to debate, I prefer dialog. Perhaps it’s the teacher in me.

As a teacher I have long felt that there were essentially two things I needed to impart to my students. One thing, of course was content -- what to think about. But content is not enough. I also needed to impart to them the ability to think – how to think: to interpret; to question; to integrate; to think theologically.

As I said in that post, “I do hope and pray that I will say some things that will jar my readers’ thinking (if there are any readers out there), and force them into reexamining their opinions and prejudices.” If I have done that, please let me know.

And I have realized that there’s one more reason why I blog: it’s addictive. I have to write.

Bill Ball

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The Family Clan said...

I like your new reason. I, personally, cannot keep a blog for the life of me. :)

Love you, opa!!!